Kids spelling fun

As trained professionals, early childhood teachers are searching for literacy resources which will stimulate children with a diverse range of learning styles and intelligences...and Letterland is ideal!

Letterland can be used as a structured literacy program or can be incorporated incidentally as part of your phonemic awareness teaching strategies with children aged 3 to 8. Apart from teaching the initial sounds in a creative and child-firendly way, the Letterland approach explains digraph and other phomenes in a clever and engaging way. 

To ensure a succuessful start with Letterland in the classroom, teachers wishing to implement the program are encouraged to complete an EdSource Australia training workshop.  For more details on session content and workshop dates in your area please click HERE - Enrol NOW for the 2017, Term 1 workshop.

appro fileIf you would like to see some examples of the Letterland resources , we can send you a Letterland "Appro" file. The files (pictured) are lent out on a 2 week basis and include a reply paid label for return postage. To request an "appro" please contact us.

A current 2017 Teacher Catalogue and Pricelist are also available to download.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the catalogue and file size is 1.6 mb.