Don't just take our word for it, please take the time to read what other teachers and lecturers have said about Letterland!

'Letterland is a highly sophisticated program that embeds letters in characters using pictograms and stories. This not only stimulates children's imagination, but gives children a visual cue to remember the letter shape and in doing so an auditory cue to recall the letter sound...(Letterland) is an educationally sound program that, best of all, is a delightful introduction to learning to read that teachers, parents and children all enjoy'
Lecturer, Early Childhood Studies. Edith Cowan University, Perth Western Australia

'The particular appeal that Letterland holds for me is the way in which it meets the needs of vsiual-spatial learners. These learners tend to be whole to part learners who need a conceptual framework in order to learn optimally. Letterland is a unique teaching program in that it provided that big picture - a colourful and engaging world in which letters (characters) have names, sounds, shapes and relationships governed by rules that make sense to a child. The childlike logic of the 'phonic fables' [make] the relationship between 'h' and the other consonants easy to assimilate into their 'whole' understanding'.... I would go so far as to say that ... it teaches children more about the rules of our written language than most early literacy programs, helping them to understand in what circumstances certain letters make certain sounds or are found in certain positions' Lecturer and consultant, Early Childhood Studies Perth Western Australia Nov 2005

'I love Letterland and think that all teachers could do with a few serious lessons [in how to implement it in their classrooms]. Teacher, Esperance Primary School, WA April 2007 

‘The parents in my room are raving about the programme - they can't believe their children know all a-z letters in 2-3 weeks, and this knowledge is evident now in their reading and writing'
Paula Lindner, Year 1 teacher Brisbane Australia

'I have been a teacher for 8 years and know of the myriad problems children face with the English language - Letterland is a brilliant solution to this - I am so glad I know about it now!' Teacher, Bassendean WA Feb 2007

'I have previously worked in the education dept for 8 years. The last school I worked at used Letterland. What an excellent program to use...I worked in special education, this is so easy to teach and for students to pick up, and understand. Well done!.'
Teacher, Australia

'The Letterland activities are extremely popular with the children at PMH [Princess Margaret Hospital for children] and are a great way of encouraging them to engage in school activitires when they may be feeling unwell' Hospital School, Oct 2007