What is Letterland?

Letterland is a systematic and explicit phonic literacy resource which has been helping children learn to read and write for over 40 years. Kids spelling funRecent brain imaging research suggests that Letterland is so successful because it is able to link phonic information directly to a child's long-term memory. Children as young as 1 year are captivated by the colourful friendly characters and only Letterland is able to stimulate children at such an early age.

Letterland features which make it so special include;

  • Friendly letter characters provide strong visual memory cues so children learn and retain phoneme/grapheme correspondences quickly
  • Daily blending and segmenting activities make word-building fast and effective
  • Focused multi-sensory activities activate all learning channels
  • The easy-to-follow instructions included with every title leave you more time for your young learners
  • A wide range of learning resources, including teacher's guides, story books, readers, software, posters, games and CDs, ensures Letterland can grow with your child
  • Built-in visual and verbal clues ensure correct letter formation, provide reasons for capitals and digraphs and reduce confusions like b/d, p/q, s/z, n/u and m/w.appro file

To find out more we recommend you attend one of our Letterland Literacy workshops which we run around the country. Simply use the workshops link to access this area and remember we can also send you a comprehensive "Appro" file which has examples of every Letterland resource for you to review. To send you one please email us at sales@edsource.com.au today!